Tooling and spare parts for the production of Easy Open Ends for 2 and 3 piece beer, beverage and food cans



Basic Shell Production


Basic Shell Production 


  • Cut Edge
  • Punch Shell
  • Curling Rings and -Segments
  • Compound Nozzles and Needles


Tool Steel, Sintered Steel, Carbide


Can Production



  • Draw Rings
  • Draw Punch
  • Knock Outs
  • Necking Tooling


Tool Steel, Sintered Steel, Carbide


Easy Open End Tooling




  • SOT Beer/Bev Can
  • Ring Pull Beer/Bev Can
  • Ring Pull Fish Can
  • Ring Pull Food Can


Sintered Steel, Carbide



Tab Production



  • Rivet Formation
  • Tab Curling
  • Bridge Insert
  • Staking Tools
  • Scores for SOT and Ring Pull


Sintered Steel, Carbide


New parts and regrinding service




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